Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Our Newest Addition...

Jeff has been campaigning for a second dog for years, usually in fun but sometimes more seriously. I knew I couldn't handle another Vizsla...all 60 pounds of Bear, who thinks he's a tiny puppy that fits on your lap, is plenty of dog to love. So when Jeff sent me a link to a rescue last week, one would think that I wouldn't have given it a second look. But sometimes I surprise myself. 

Norma Jean, a Schnauzer and Scottie mix estimated to be about six months old and a dozen pounds, was looking for a new home. She was rescued a few towns over and had been in foster care for a couple of weeks. Her temperament and personality sounded perfect - she was playful, loved to snuggle, and would be very happy in a home with another dog. After reading her bio, I had fallen in love. I texted Jeff that I wanted to meet her and filled out an online application. A few hours later, I got a call from Norma's foster mom to schedule a home visit. She asked me lots of questions about me and Jeff, Bear, our home, our lifestyle. It felt like a great job interview, and I was thrilled that she was taking all of the necessary precautions to make sure Norma ended up in the right place. We scheduled our home visit for a few days later. When they arrived at our house, Norma was incredibly friendly, running around the yard, sniffing Bear, and letting us pet and hold her. After an hour of checking out the place, her foster mom asked if we loved her. The answer was simple (another surprise!). And just like that, we had a new puppy to adore. 

Growing up, we had a few kittens from the Humane Society, but this is the first pet I've had who was rescued from a dangerous environment. I never imagined getting another dog because I wasn't ready to care for a tiny puppy, but the decision to adopt Norma was an easy one. We could give her a home, a playmate, a family, and she would enrich our lives. A few days into having her and I can't imagine what it was like before. Bear is still getting used to this little creature who bats at his ears and wants to play tug of war all day, but I know they will come to be best friends.

Welcome to the family! Meet Hazel.

Now that I'm a rescue convert, check out the services available in your own community! We worked with Fuzzy Pawz and had a wonderful experience.



  1. SO PRECIOUS, ZOë! Congrats!! Very, very happy for your fam :)

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