Friday, August 22, 2014

Favorite Things Friday

Summer has gone by in a flash! I always make a lofty to do list in June, filled with projects and plans and adventures, and now in late August, many boxes are left unchecked. But it has been a wonderful summer. I shared Boise with three of my besties, watched another get married in California, explored Idaho with half my parents (the other half is coming in September!), made progress on the house and yard, and enjoyed many warm nights walking around the new neighborhood, drinking wine and drinking in the serenity of our home. I am learning that I'm more of a homebody than I ever thought, that I love quiet nights, making dinner, lounging in our peaceful bedroom. I realize that despite my love of social outings and my career in a fast paced, fast talking field, I'm restored by the laughter, the hugs, and the easiness that I get from my little family at home. I'm always excited by adventures, big or small, by getting out of town and around the people I love, but Jeff and I both needed lots of downtime this summer and I'm so glad we were able to embrace it. Here are a few favorite things that I'm loving right now...

White hot summer

My edible obsession

Inspired by Oscar Wilde

Organizing art for fall projects

Snap dragons and mason jars, what else do you need?



  1. yum--that chia seed pudding looks good. i just made some for the very first time last night!

    1. It's so amazing! I like it best with the whole seeds and I've made chocolate, vanilla, and fruity flavors. It is such a great and healthy treat ;)

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