Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Big News!

If you're my social media friend, you may know that after a quick and crazy few weeks, we bought our first house! The day that I wrote this post, we went to see three homes - one that I liked, one that Jeff liked, and one that our realtor tacked on because she's a genius house whisperer. The first house was too big, the second was too small, and when I walked into the third and saw that the kitchen and living space were not only two different areas but also actual, large rooms, I fell in love. It had everything we need to live now and to expand our family later, there were funky additions like a big screen porch in the back, lots of room for Bear to play, and the house was in impeccable condition. Before I knew it, we were telling our realtor that we wanted to put in an offer, and then spending the next day and a half in a frantic haze waiting to hear the big news. After many anxious and impatient hours, we found out that our offer had been accepted (5 total offers - this market is nuts!). Over the past few weeks, we've been signing our names a thousand times, packing boxes, and making plans. We moved in on Saturday and while there's still so much to do, we are pinching ourselves that we get to start our next adventure in this amazing house.

Jeff and I have made lots of decisions together in our relationship, from me moving across the country to getting married, but this one felt the most monumental in a practical sense, but also positive and easy. We are so excited for the changes and memories that will be shared in this home over the years. I'll be back with lots of DIYs and room reveals - stay tuned!


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