Monday, February 24, 2014

Update on Happy + Jeff's Birthday

So I survived one week of keeping my mouth clean! I had two moments of weakness, things that really frustrated me and that I wanted desperately to vent about, but I talked myself through them and ended up getting over things much more easily and quickly than I would have had I been able to gossip. In general, the week wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, but I attribute a lot of that to the fact that I didn't do anything social. Had I been gabbing with girlfriends over wine? Different story. I did learn some good lessons - that I'm much more pleasant if the things I have to say are positive, that I liked myself a little more, that I felt better. I definitely see myself adopting some of these new found principles long term and the cleanse was a great idea for me. I recommend giving it a shot!

Jeff's birthday was on Saturday, so we rented a place in Sun Valley to escape for the weekend. It was the perfect getaway - delicious meals at Ketchum Grill and Dashi, snowshoeing and cocktails with friends, enjoying the freshest air, sleeping in, and celebrating. It's always hard to come back to reality after even the shortest vacations, but we both feel rejuvenated and relaxed after a few days in the mountains. Happy birthday to my main man, my partner-in-crime, my biggest fan. I have loved celebrating these last seven February 22nds with you, and I can't wait to be by your side for the next seventy or so ;) 


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