Saturday, January 18, 2014

You Are Enough

I saw this image on long distance loving the other day and I needed to steal it for my own blog, and for the list of mini mantras that I store in the back of my mind. Like so many others, I hit the gym hard after the holidays. After years of body and eating issues (another post for another time), I'm proud to have arrived at a place where I allow myself to indulge, where I find great happiness in a delicious meal shared with loved ones, and where I don't regret dessert at the end of the day. I also don't regret workouts, the feeling of accomplishment, of sweat and sore muscles, of pushing myself for another mile. What I avoid? The scale. It serves no purpose to me. I hope for and work toward loving who I see in the mirror, feeling great in my clothes, being strong and powerful. I spent a long time worrying about how I appeared to others, wondering if I was thin enough to be seen as the person I thought I should be. But inner beauty and the infectious energy of a happy person are so much more important and have a greater impact on the world around us. Today, I am enough, and so are all of you.
Thanks to Alison for this very special reminder.



  1. Awesome message and timing! Thanks for sharing XO

  2. This is awesome! Thanks for the reminder that we are enough no matter our weight, struggles, or insecurities.

    Vonae Deyshawn


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