Monday, January 13, 2014

Golden Girls

Let's hear it for the ladies! The Golden Globes is the best award show (in my humble opinion) and not one, but two hilarious and gorgeous hosts made it a great night. Tina and Amy were perfection - their jokes were funny but appropriate, they didn't roast anyone who couldn't take it (though Tom Hanks looked perturbed by the attention), and they seemed effortless and comfortable in front of Hollywood's finest. They also worked their wardrobe selections, especially once the show got started. I was surprised by some of my favorite fashionistas - I didn't love the choices from Jennifer Lawrence, Kerry Washington, or Jessica Chastain - but that left more room for other gals to shine. Here are my top six Golden Girls:

Amy was flawless, and paid homage to her American Hustle character's style.
Lupita wowed in her red cape.
Olivia rocked her bump and gorgeous waves. 
Kate stunned in figure hugging metallic. 
Leslie's peplum was sexy and demure. 
Sandra (my controversial choice) looked so beautiful she could have been wearing a paper sack, but I loved her high-low silhouette.

There you have it! Which were your favorite looks from last night?



  1. I only watched about 5-mins of the intro before leaving for home, but the only question I had was about Amy's dress. I did not like the cut on it :( But Tina's was just awesome.

    1. Amy's was very revealing, but if you saw her in American Hustle, this was tame! I thought she worked it, even though I could never wear something like that ;) Tina looked so good!


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