Friday, December 6, 2013

Our Holiday Card!

I have to admit - next to actually getting married, sending our first holiday card was high on my list of accomplishments for this year. With teachers for parents, I always got to see stacks of cards, and I would sift through them, checking out the adorable kids and golden retrievers, so excited to send one of my own someday. We've started to receive a bunch of cards over the past few years from friends and family, and I love putting them up to admire throughout the season. 

I knew I wanted to wait to send our first card until we were married and were officially a little family. We used Tiny Prints after having such a great experience with Wedding Paper Divas for our wedding invitations. I love how they turned out and I can't wait to mail them all over the country this weekend! It goes without saying that this year has been the best yet, and we are so blessed to have been able to celebrate our love with so many of our favorite people. This card just sums up how we feel - Happy Everything to you and yours!

Did you do a holiday card? I would love to see!



  1. so cute! we still need to get ours done... someday! :)

  2. I love walking by you and Jeff every morning with my coffee in hand. You were a beautiful bride, and it is so sweet to close to you guys even though we are so far apart!

    1. Aw thank you! I feel the same way about your gorgeous fam - about to be even bigger! xo

  3. So cute! We did "Happy Everything" too :)


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