Friday, October 25, 2013

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things...

This week, we were blessed and surprised with some warmer weather - the afternoons reached the high sixties, and Jeff and I took Bear on a date last night and ate dinner outside! On Monday, the temperatures drop to what I consider to be freezing (40 degrees), and rain and sleet will be close behind. The changing season means so many good things - boots and sweaters, hot tea in the afternoons, curling up while the rain falls outside, holidays and family, weekend walks in the leaves - but it also has the tendency to get me down. I tend to fall into the pattern of pajamas at seven, crawling into bed to read long before lights out. Sometimes, nights like these can be a welcome break from the constant energy of work and life, but I am hoping to keep myself busy this fall and winter with some new activities and hobbies. The idea of a cooking class came to mind, starting or joining a local book club, trying my hand at a few new craft projects. Stay tuned, and until then, here are a few things I'm loving, and looking forward to, this weekend...

 Photo booth pictures from our wedding

sweet potato pie for the next dinner party

A new spin on pumpkin decorating

Curling up in the coziest of sweaters


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