Monday, August 19, 2013

Oh Happy Day

Hello friends! Phew, is life going a mile a minute or is it just me? I can't believe August is halfway over. I've been really busy personally and professionally, hence the lack of blogging (and doing laundry, cooking proper meals, etc), and I'll admit that my stress level hasn't been the most enjoyable to those closest to me. I have the tendency to get in funks when I'm really busy, so today I'm focusing on the positive - my cute boy and pup, crossing things off the work to do list, sunshine, a date with the treadmill, a good book, and little reminders that everything is totally fun and pretty wonderful.

Last weekend, Jeff and I flew to Portland to attend the wedding of one of my besties, Kellie, and her awesome other half, Bryan. The weekend was filled with friends, laughter, fun, food, and witnessing a beautiful couple getting hitched. Kellie is my first close friend to head down the aisle and I introduced her to Bryan, so it made it especially emotional for me. Everything was perfect - rain during the indoor ceremony (it wouldn't be Oregon without it!), a flash mob to Bryan's favorite song, tearful speeches, and lots of dancing. Kellie and Bryan are so in love and they were floating on air throughout the wedding. This is what life is all about - love and joy and being surrounded by lots of people who make each other really happy.


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