Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Em and Nick's Coastal Wedding

So it's no secret that I had the absolute best time at my brother's wedding on July 20. It was incredibly special for me to watch my brother marry the most amazing girl and share a magical day together, but that could have happened at a campground and we all would have been in tears. This wedding was a year in the making (or 10 years, if we're getting technical), and it was all about the details, the personal touches, and what happens when two people with great taste and a lot of love to share get together and throw a big party.

I can't wait to do a feature with their wedding pictures - the setting alone will make your jaw drop, and the couple epitomizes happiness and joy - but for now, I'm going to share some details about their vendors. East coast brides, listen up! If you have any specific questions, please post them and I'll get the bride to share her thoughts and tips. She has been a wealth of knowledge, sending me lots of ideas and tried and true planning strategies, so I'm sure she would love to help other brides.

Invitation and Paper Design: Martin Schapiro

San Francisco

Martin is an up and coming artist who went to college with Emily and Nick and worked diligently to weave together their ideas with his artistic vision, making each item special and unique. He listened carefully, and was detail oriented, and thoughtful. While working remotely from the couple, he was able to provide quick turnaround times and lots of helpful tips for things like letterpress and card stock. The paper pieces were truly one of a kind with Martin's touch

Calligraphy: Myrtle & Lloyd

Myrtle & Lloyd, and Etsy shop, had reasonable rates and were very easy to work with. Everyone loved how the calligraphy turned out - another lovely element!

Photographers: Josephine and Thad Sittenfeld

Rhode Island

Jo and Thad are a husband and wife team, and that element alone made them excellent wedding photographers. It was clear that they had years of experience under their belts, and they worked together seamlessly. They seemed to have a great time, they had lots of patience handling the 15 members of the wedding party and our big families, and I have no doubt that they captured Nick and Emily's day beautifully.

Videographers: Inkspot Crow - MacKenzie and Philip Henry
North Carolina

For the bride and groom, videography was one of the things that they couldn't live without. They wanted a video, or a documentary as the Inkspot Crow crew calls their work, that would bring their day to life after it was all over, and show them all of the tiny details that they may have missed. I was amazed by how thorough MacKenzie and Philip were - they seemed to be everywhere, yet never in the way. I can't wait to see the story that they tell of this wedding.

Event Planning: Wendy Joblon Events
Rhode Island and Massachusetts

As an event planner, I pay extra attention to wedding planners, what can I say? Wendy and Kathy were outstanding - cool, calm, and collected, one step ahead of everything, and making sure that no component was overlooked or forgotten. Simply observing their work over the two days of wedding events would have been enough, but I had been hearing about them from Emily for months, and it was great to see just why she valued them so much. Especially for a remote, destination location, a wedding planner or two can be essential to the bride's piece of mind.

Flowers: Sayles Livingston
Rhode Island

Flowers are so important - they have to be beautiful, budget conscious, stay alive for eight hours...the list goes on. Sayles Livingston did the flowers for the rehearsal dinner and the wedding and they were stunning. I knew Emily's vision, so to see it come to life exactly as she'd described was exciting, and the colors and flower choices complemented the venue and setting perfectly. I wish I could have brought my bouquet back with me! (A few flower pictures here)

Catering: Chanterelle Boutique
Rhode Island

Wedding food is usually on the top of both the bride and groom's and the guest's priority lists. Chanterelle also did both the rehearsal dinner and wedding (and who knows what other events that weekend!), and everything was fabulous. From the first hors d'oeuvre during cocktails to the last mini grilled cheese as the reception was winding down, I tried all of it and was not disappointed. Plus, feeding 200 people in a short window of time and keeping everything hot and everyone happy is no small feat.

Ceremony Music: Sonare Chamber Ensemble

The ensemble was lovely and perfectly suited for the setting. They played string pieces throughout the ceremony, setting the tone for what would be a wonderful day. 

Reception Music: Joey Scott and the Connection

A band like Joey Scott and the Connection isn't something that everyone can get their hands on, but do try if you have the opportunity! They played an array of genres - from Black Eyed Peas to a Motown medley to swing - and I've never seen a dance floor so full. They kept the party going all night, and my favorite part was when the brass musicians went into the audience to play their solos. Talk about an interactive experience. 

Wedding Cake: Creative Endeavors

A wedding cake on a hot, humid summer day isn't the best combination, but this one looked great throughout the reception and fit with the theme perfectly. Plus, it was delicious - light and fluffy, with the right frosting to cake ratio, and not too sweet. Guests must have loved it because the caterer had to cut every bit of the three tiered cake for slices, even the top!

Welcome Cookies: Samantha Widder
New York

The cookies were amazing! The baker is the best friend of the bride's brother, and she made over 100 sugar cookies by hand with decorative icing in the wedding colors to be distributed in the welcome bags for guests (you can see the contents of the welcome bag above). These were another example of the tiny detail and care that Nick and Emily put in to their wedding, and to giving their guests a lasting impression. Though I doubt many of the cookies made it out of town before being consumed.

(All pictures borrowed from Instagram and Facebook - thanks, friends!)



  1. Zoe, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on Em & Nick's wedding and in particular, our work during the weekend! Also, I'm so happy to know who designed the lovely paper goods for their event. SO fresh and unlike anything I've seen before! It was fun meeting you and spending the weekend with your family. Thanks again! MacKenzie Henry, Inkspot Crow Films

  2. this is really cool! what a big help to east coast brides :)

  3. Weddings are not possible without amazing family members like Zoe, who was indispensable for the good cheer, good ideas, and time and effort she put into making our day come to life -- and then this awesome post! So happy to have you as my sister-in-law!

  4. I had such a positively lovely, lovely experience doing the calligraphy for this beautiful day. Fabulous clients always make me love what I do, and getting to see their actual smiling faces makes it even better! Beautiful post!

  5. Really amazing wedding it was. I am just in love with all of these enchanting photos. We are also willing to tie the knot in this year and going to hire a popular wedding planner for my day. I am looking for a planner who can help me with each and everything such as finding best LA venues, caterer and decorator within my budget.


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