Monday, July 29, 2013

Back to Basics: Office Chic

I've read it in hundreds of magazines - focus on getting classic, well made, simple items for your work wardrobe, and then mix and match them to create countless different outfits. At this point in my career, I haven't really taken this idea to heart. I love shopping but I don't love spending a lot of money on single items, so I find my closet jam packed with clothes, yet I lack some of the basic essentials. Of course, we have to dress in our style, so I'll probably never be a button down with slacks kind of girl, but we can all find great, neutral pieces to work with our more trendy clothes. Here are the items I'm gravitating towards now:

Mix and Match
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Simple cardigans in multiple colors - perfect for a cold day at your desk or to tie an outfit together. I don't wear sleeveless tops to work very often, so cardigans are a necessity.

A white blouse, a patterned blouse, and a black blouse - enough said, right? I love to wear one pattern at a time, but the embellishment on the white blouse makes it much more interesting.

Pencil skirts and bell skirts - I love skirts, and bell skirts are perfect for girls with a little extra love on the bottom, or those who want to create curves. Make sure they're long enough to be work appropriate and you're good to go.

Classic black tote - big enough for your laptop or tablet, chic enough for the office and happy hour, this is a great investment piece that won't go out of style.

Black pumps, nude pumps, and a patterned flats - Shoes are one area that I don't go too crazy with at work. I have more fun wearing patterns and color in my clothes and I like to keep my shoes simple. 

Slacks and pants - I live in my cropped cigarette pants from Gap (I think I've gone through four pairs since I discovered them a few years ago!). They work with any height of shoe and are great for untucked blouses. For longer pants, I opt for slacks with a little flare or width.


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