Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Bachelorette Party Gift Guide

So I lied. I stayed away a little longer than planned, but sometimes, you just need to unplug! It's been a busy few weeks and I have so many exciting things coming up, and I'm happy to be back on the ol' blog. Hope all is well out there!

Bachelorette parties have been on my mind lately. My Boise friends threw me one last weekend, I'm headed to the party of one of my best friends this weekend, and I'm sure your calendars are all equally filled with festivities. I've given and received an array of bridal gifts over the years, and the bachelorette present is the most unique, and definitely the most fun. It's usually an opportunity to get creative as you don't have to shop off the bride's registry. Gifts can be funny, sexy, silly, or filled with inside jokes. I've rounded up a few ideas that I've been given and that I've gifted to keep you inspired for your upcoming bachelorette shopping.

For the Bachelorette


 Book 1 - Book 2 - Lingerie - Undies - Robe - Candle - Bath scrub
Cocktail shaker - Pint glass - Table game - Stationery - Stamp

To read - Playful or romantic, a few little reads about love and friendship are always in style and fun to pass around at the party.
To wear - I think that lingerie should be sexy and comfortable, and a great robe to slip on at the end of the night seals the deal. Throw in bath products or an amazing candle for the whole experience.
To drink - A gold glitter cocktail shaker? Yes please! Chalkboard is all the rage and these pint glasses works for friends no matter what their drink of choice.
To play - There are so many silly table games out there, from tame to scandalous, so you can find something for every group of girls.
To use - Stationery, notepads, personalized stamps (with the bride's new name!)...the list goes on. These are great gifts, especially for the bachelorette who isn't a best friend.



  1. Cute! Where was this when I was shopping for you? Had a TON of fun this weekend!!

    1. As if! Your gifts totally inspired me, girl! ;)

  2. Obsessssssssed with that gold glitter cocktail shaker!!!!!!!


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