Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Hair Styling

If I've grasped anything from Pinterest lately, it's that how a bride wears her hair on her wedding day is a very important decision in the planning process. Girls pin excessively, searching for the perfect look, and then grow their hair or do extensive hair trialing to get it just right. I lack creativity when it comes to everyday hair, opting for a simple twist away from my face or a tousled bun, pulling it back in a ponytail when I'm totally uninspired or on the go. When I thought about how wanted to look on my wedding day, I realized that it was important to resemble my normal self. This is the same reason I don't plan to wear super high heels - I'm most often 5'4" to Jeff's 6'1" and it just works, we fit together when we hug, dance, or kiss. I feel most comfortable and beautiful with my hair down and that seems like the perfect reason to wear it a certain way. I'm excited to sit down with my hairdresser in the next few months to plan our approach, and these are a few styles that I'm liking now:



  1. Um... Love them all, but Jessica's looks most like you!

  2. Love these hairstyles. Very elegant.


  3. I really liked your hair. You can tell where you were doing it? I advise you to do in this salon . But I'm looking for more options. I will be glad to your answer. Thanks in advance.


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