Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Festive Cocktail

Weddings are fun for so many reasons, but as a guest, my favorite part of wedding preparation is finding the perfect outfit. I've been known to shop for months leading up to a wedding, weighing my options, purchasing multiple things. I'm not commonly a repeat offender when it comes to formal wear (the age of Facebook makes me much more vain), so I'm always up for the opportunity to buy a new dress. I love bright patterns, color, and sparkle, but when attending a wedding, it's smart to err on the side of a more modest and quiet outfit than something really eye catching. For a benefit at my former job, we selected "festive cocktail" as the attire. It was really a made up choice, meant to discourage people from wearing black tie without dressing too casually. I want our wedding to be a lively event, so we'll be encouraging guests to dress in their favorite "festive cocktail" attire. I hope people will choose color, dust off sparkly shoes, or mix it up with patterns. In general, I want everyone to feel comfortable wearing something fun and playful, and not worry too much about blending in. Here are a few outfits I might wear if I weren't going to be the one in white...

Festive Cocktail
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Festive Cocktail #2
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  1. Pretty dresses ! Love the green soes! Aren't we all vain with Facebook these days?

  2. Love the pink cap sleeved dress. Good find!

  3. the pink/coral dress with sleeves is my favorite. so pretty!


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