Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Save the Dates

Save the dates, or STDs as we affectionately call them in the events business, were one of the pieces of the wedding that Jeff and I were most excited about. We didn't do wedding announcements or have an engagement party, so this is the first opportunity we had to show off who we are as a couple and a little of our wedding style. There are some members of our networks who aren't on Facebook (shocking, I know) or who haven't met both of us, so we were introducing ourselves to some of our guests through the save the date.

This was also an area where Jeff could shine by designing the card. I scoured Wedding Paper Divas, Minted, and Etsy to find a few save the dates that I liked, Jeff's cousin and groomsman put his photography skills to use by doing a little photo shoot with us and Bear, and Jeff got to work. He created something we both love and I am relieved to say that I had very few critiques!

We decided to keep it simple and do a postcard using our wedding colors with handwritten details. I'm a little obsessed with hearts with arrows through them and plan to have that as a little touch throughout our mailed pieces.

We ordered them through and were pleased with the quality and speed of the delivery. Our order got messed up twice, so we've been sending them out in waves, but overall, I'm really happy with how they turned out. It has been so fun to hand address them, stick them with adorable apple stamps, and put them in the mail. We've been hearing from friends and family who have received them and the whole experience has made this wedding feel a lot more real! Just a few more months and we'll be thinking about invitations...



  1. Adorable picture! I like how you included the doggie. :)

  2. i like these versions of STDs MUCH better than the other commonly referred to STDs. yours are so cute and your doggie is so precious


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