Thursday, April 18, 2013

Reader Review: Gillian Flynn

* I wrote this post a few weeks ago, after finishing all of the books below and needing to express my obsession with Gillian Flynn. Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere just posted that she read Dark Places on her vacation, so it felt timely to publish this!

Most of you have probably read Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl. If not, get yourself to the nearest bookstore, library, or Kindle immediately - it is just that good. Suspenseful, sexy, and complicated as any good murder mystery should be, but well written and gripping, with intense character development and the understanding that each layer and detail is purposeful and fits into a perfectly planned puzzle. As soon as I finished Gone Girl (and then Bossypants for the third time because I needed a little cheer), I was eager to read Flynn's other two novels. Their descriptions sounded even darker and more twisted than Gone Girl, but I was so enthralled by her writing style that I wasted no time. I should preface this post by saying that I'm not usually into this genre. The first murder mystery I ever read was The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and while I loved it, I wasn't game at first. Gone Girl happened to me much the same way, but it was the best of Flynn's three books to read first, much more comfortable to me and not quite as spooky. Either way, I guess it's time to add this genre to the list of those I like, along with beach reads, comedic memoirs, and the Hunger Games trilogy.

First, Dark Places, a story of a woman whose immediate family is murdered and 20 years later, she is just starting to put the pieces together. Second, Sharp Objects, about a woman who had fled the scene of her frightening childhood only to have to return to her hometown as an adult reporter to cover a series of murders. Both, like Gone Girl, are full of "can't put it down, I'll sleep when I'm dead, so freaked out but completely addicted, what could possibly come next" drama. Both are also pretty scary, but the stories are told so well that you don't want to stop trying to figure out who did what. Flynn leaves you on the brink at the end of every chapter, which simultaneously makes you want to keep reading and curse her for pushing you to finish the book sooner. She must be a little dark and twisted herself, to come up with this material, but she's so talented and I can't wait to see what she comes up with next. At least two of her novels are being turned into movies, so go read all three now so you can weigh in on actress selection! These obviously come highly recommended by me :)

Finished any "must reads" lately? Have you loved any of Gillian Flynn's books?


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  1. This is a devastating thriller which shows what a talented writer can do at the height of her creative power.This book literally throbs with a raw power which drives the narrative at full throttle till the end .Probably Dan Brown can learn a thing or two from this brilliant writer as to how to write a thriller which would embody all the qualities of a classic.After so many years I have come across a book which I unabashedly would recommend for those who wonder why there is a dearth of great writers writing thrillers.This writers earlier book has won the Edgar Award and since I am one of those who admire my agatha christie and conan doyle, Edgar allan poe and Edgar Wallace as well as the good old G K chesterton i was looking for something which would be a page turner but could remind me of literary style of the great writers of crime fiction of the golden era and this writer has greatly justified the faith i reposed in her .I am really surprised to see some reviewers criticizing her style .well she is writing from the perspectives of a working class American couple who have lost their job because of the Meltdown of 2008 .Do you expect them to talk in latin or a la Poirot in French .I bought the first edition[hardcover]which Flipkart was the first to offer and i treat this book as an honorable addition to my collection of crime fiction.If you love crime fiction do read this book .This book is my best crime fiction read of this year. I have made it point to read the other two novels written by Ms.Flynn.Great ,a writer in full command of this genre ,a writer to watch out for.


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