Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Just Desserts

Every bride and groom have top priorities for their wedding - a fun band, great food, a perfect location. I can't speak for my darling fiance, but after picking a venue, I started thinking about dessert. I have a huge sweet tooth so while multi-tiered wedding cakes are gorgeous, I knew that I would want more - a glutenous dessert table filled with our favorite treats. Jeff pitched chocolate chip cookies and I am the biggest fan of lemon bars. Who doesn't love either pie or cupcakes? The organic ice cream parlor around the corner? Bring it on. I know we'll have a small cake for us to cut and an array of goodies for everyone. I've been admiring dessert displays across the web and can't wait to try some at our tasting next month, the cherry on top of the wedding planning experience.

(all images via Pinterest)


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