Thursday, May 24, 2012

It's the Little Things: Thankful Thursday

Life is going about a mile a minute right now, and I'm finding few opportunities to stop and take a deep breath. When I get stressed, I tend to get a little ornery and easily fired up. While this doesn't affect my ability to get it all done, it does frustrate me to lose sight of life's little blessings and forget how good I have it. In honor of Thursday and the weekly post of one of my favorites, here are a few of my little things:



My job. I may not be the one curing cancer, but I get to be around brilliant caretakers, selfless fundraisers, and a community that truly believes in the cause. I had a very long, very cool meeting with Boise State students about a huge fundraiser they're planning for the children's hospital. To see the excitement on their faces is everything.

My boy. I came home to him cooking last night and left him grinning this morning. When things are stressful and you can still crack up and love the little moments, life is very good. And with that comes my dog, who is so full of adoration and sloppy kisses and keeps us constantly entertained.

My library. I avoided the public libraries in New York, but since moving to Boise, I have been a regular at our downtown branch. My bedside table has a permanent stack of books that I race through to meet the due dates, and getting an e-mail that I have a new one to pick up can totally make my day.

My family. My brother just got engaged (woop woop!), my mom and step dad are exploring the possibility of a huge life adventure, and my dad and step mom are visiting Boise for the first time in a few weeks. I'm smiling a lot.

My city. Boise is still growing on me, but with our move and summer on our heels, and the city in full bloom and draped in sunshine, it's pretty easy to love it here.

My summer wardrobe bins. They're waiting in the garage until we move and I can make the great closet switch, but I've been doing a lot of daydreaming about bare legs and sun kissed shoulders. I just can't wait.


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  1. Love the spirit! Being grateful is one of the shortest roads to happiness! xoxo


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