Friday, May 18, 2012

In Our Backyard

Lately, Jeff and I have been daydreaming about our new house and the little plans we have for the outdoor space. As much as I may love to imagine having a completely perfect and gorgeous backyard, the reality is a lot more simple - sipping wine in Adirondack chairs, hosting friends underneath twinkling lights, lounging in the grass on sunny afternoons. I may actually plant a flower or two, and we've already picked the spot for our beloved BBQ. Our new backyard is private, lush, and big enough for all of our ideas. Here are a few items on my shopping list:

Paper lanterns: This will be my first backyard addition - perfect for parties or just a pop of color.
Printed cups: To drink or dip from, these brighten any table.
Drink dispenser: I can't wait to fill this with sangria for sipping all night long.
Beach towel: For laying out or backyard picnics without the grass stains.
Adirondack chairs: Imagine these unfinished chairs with a vibrant coat of paint or two.
Citrus dinnerware: Plastic plates that will make it through even the wildest dinner parties.


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  1. I saw those cups a world market and fell in love with them! so perfect. :)


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