Monday, April 30, 2012

A New Home


In early spring, Jeff and I started to tentatively look for a new house to rent. We love our current place, but the location isn't perfect and we could use a little more space. After dealing with crazy competition in New York, I was amazed to learn that rentals in our desired neighborhood are few, far between, and love to play hard to get. In an effort to be realistic, we opened our minds to other areas of the city and to staying in our current house, but as luck would have it, serendipity decided to enter the picture.

We found the house online, scheduled the first available appointment, and waited anxiously for that day to arrive. In the meantime, we drove by, read the listing repeatedly, and started to imagine ourselves living there. We loved the place inside and out, enjoyed meeting the owners, and well, hoped it could be ours. Luckily, the owners agreed, and we became their new tenants two weeks ago. We'll have more space, an excellent location, and because Jeff settled us into our current place before I got here, we'll be physically moving in together for the first time. As stressful and exhausting as moving can be, I'm very excited for that part and can't wait to make our new house our home.


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