Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Life's a Beach

One of my favorite daydream destinations is a beach in some far away, tropical paradise. Jeff and I have talked about making the dream a reality for a long time, but work, money, and other plans have kept us stateside. However, as soon as I figured out my new work schedule, we decided that it was time to get moving, and recently finished planning a week long trip to Mexico in August. We'd love to go farther away and travel for longer, but for our first big vacation together, this will be just perfect. We'll be spending a few days at a resort in Puerto Vallarta and a few days at a tiny villa in Sayulita, and I can't wait to don my bikini, soak up the sun, taste the local flavor, and savor a little slice of heaven.



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  1. I love your paradise packing selections. Can't wait to don a bathing suit without covering up. Meh. Mexico is so much fun and very beautiful. My husband and I went there via a cruise on our honeymoon and our one year anniversary. Be sure to do excursions. The first time went horseback riding on the beach and the second zip lining and stayed at a day resort. It is truly a blast. Have an amazing time!! If you guys ever want to visit some beaches stateside, Florida has some amazing ones! We just got back from Naples this weekend and are already planning to go back.

    Vonae Deyshawn


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