Friday, April 13, 2012

The Extra Long Weekend

My weekend ended on Wednesday, when my mom headed south to California and I back to the office. We had fun filled days of family, great food, lots of time outdoors, wine, and relaxing. The weather was perfect - warm, breezy, and mild - and we had to slather on the sunscreen and keep our shades close by. One of the best parts of the weekend was getting Jeff's parents and mine together. Having hometowns thousands of miles apart and few opportunities to all be in the same place, the past few days were a welcome chance for the adults to get to know each other better. It made me wish Mill Valley and Boise were next door neighbors, but also reminded me to treasure the moment. And of course, that moment included a little Easter photo shoot...


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  1. you guys are adorable. :)
    How tall is he? (or, how short are you? I kid, I kid. :) I'm 10 inches shorter than my husband).


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