Saturday, March 10, 2012

It's the Little Things: Sunshine

Backyard. Page turner. flip flops. Glass of white. For the first time in months, I came home from work, threw on jeans and a t, and headed to the backyard to bask in the dappled sunshine of early evening. Just a few minutes of relaxing in the fresh air and soaking up some Vitamin D made me feel brand new and left a permanent grin on my face. It reminded me of the days while living in New York that I yearned for personal space and alone time, somewhat impossible to attain in a city of millions. In the spring and summer, I would find solace in Central Park, walking home from work, winding through the trees and lawns. I did some of my best thinking, writing, and sometimes dancing or singing, on those peaceful walks. It never ceased to amaze me how serene and quiet the park was, despite being dropped smack in the middle of the busiest city I know. If it was too late to be in the park, I'd go home and head directly to my building's roof deck, where I could take deep, rejuvenating breaths of somewhat fresh air and have a few moments to myself. Now, I have a backyard to call my own and life has changed so much, yet enjoying a little time in the sunshine is still the best medicine. Come on spring, I know you're close...



  1. AH these pictures make me yearn for summer. Few things are more blissful than the ingredients you had on hand last night: books, wine, and sunshine. YUM.

  2. OOH wine and hunger games? please may I join?


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