Thursday, March 29, 2012

House of Flowers

In the last few days, plants have burst into bloom around town and I have fallen in love. There is an incredible, pink blossomed tree outside my office that I have to pry my gaze from; thank goodness my chair faces the other way. This happens every year - the minute that spring begins to peak out from the wet, coldness of winter, I start to lose myself in daydreams of having my house filled with fresh flowers. I like to stick them into anything - vases, jars, pitchers - and have them everywhere so I can drink in their smell and admire their beauty all day. In New York, I would go to the corner store and buy a bouquet of whatever looked most divine, cut and arrange them with care, and keep them on my bedside table. There weren't as many random, natural flower sightings in the big city, but here in Boise, I have a feeling that there will be many gorgeous blooms to see. Someday, maybe I'll find my green thumb and have my own garden, but until them, I will love to be surrounded by beautiful bouquets.

(all images via Pinterest)



  1. my husband bought me an orchid and (i can't believe i'm actually going to admit this) i literally stare at it all the time. flowers make everything so happy! x lauren

  2. ha, that fallen flower in the second photo made me giggle. :) All those are gorgeous!

  3. beautiful flower shots! i love the pink roses, so shabby chic! adorable blog! i love the name! new follower!

    xx Kelly


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