Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tile Coasters for the Birthday Boy

I love giving gifts, especially to the people I love, and when Jeff's birthday was coming up, I couldn't wait to think of something to make him. I wanted a special gift that he wouldn't pick himself, so when a girlfriend told me about the tile coasters she had made, I knew it was the perfect idea. The project is easy, inexpensive, and can be personalized for just about anyone with photographs, movie or concert ticket stubs, or scrapbooking paper. The only things that don't work are images from an inkjet printer (the ink will run). It was lots of fun and I'm looking forward to making more of these in the future!

Here's what you'll need for 8 coasters:

8 4x4" glossy tiles (I got mine at Home Depot)
Gloss Mod Podge
Medium foam brush
2 sheets of scrapbooking paper
Clear acrylic sealer
2 sheets of felt or 32 felt dots
Rubber cement

Using a tile, trace your scrapbooking paper with pencil and cut the paper about 1/8" smaller than the tile (so that you have a small border).

 Working on one tile at a time, apply a thin coat of mod podge to the tile, press the paper on top, and smooth across. Let dry for 15 minutes.

 Apply a thin coat of mod podge to each tile. If the paper bubbles a little, smooth away bubbles with your finger, not the brush, as it will make the paper too wet.

 Let them dry for 15 minutes. Repeat 4 times. 

 After the last coat of mod podge has dried, apply one coat of acrylic sealer in short bursts. Let dry for 15 minutes, then apply a second coat in long, sweeping sprays.

 While the tiles are drying, cut your felt into 3x3" squares.

 Apply rubber cement on the bottom of each tile and smooth on the felt.

You're done! Your tile coasters can handle a hot or cold beverage, so get to drinking!

Happy birthday, Jeff!
Can't wait to enjoy these with you.




  1. This is awesome.

    Random comments:

    1) I noticed Freedom on your bookshelf. Is that super weird of me?

    2) Love that there's sign language on one of the coasters! Even though I know you didn't plan it. :)

    3) Totally unfamiliar with scrapbooking paper - where exactly do you buy it?

    4) I'm totally pinning this. Prepare to be famous.

    1. So glad you like! And I totally meant to have sign language on there, come on ;) Freedom is the worst, would you like my copy? I was totally unfamiliar with scrapbooking paper too, but it is amazing. I bought mine at Jo-Ann Fabric, but they carry it at Michael's (and I'm sure every other craft story in the world). It's under 50 cents a sheet, comes in every color or pattern imaginable, and most people use scrapbook. Now that I've been introduced, I can't wait to mod podge scrapbooking paper onto lots of other stuff! xo

  2. What an awesome idea! This would be such a cute think to make for my husband's man cave. Not that they use coasters or anything. lol. Maybe even a gift for a friend. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Vonae Deyshawn

  3. What a fun and easy DIY. I'll definitely have to think about making these as gifts in the near future!

  4. I don't think I could love this project any more if I tried!!!!!! I can't wait to try this out myself, prob this very weekend!


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