Monday, February 13, 2012

Love and Potatoes

A year ago, I was celebrating Valentine's Day solo in New York City. As long distance loves, Jeff and I saw each other as often as we could and I was due to visit him a week later for his birthday. My single or long distance girlfriends and I had originally planned to treat ourselves to a fancy dinner, but we failed to get a reservation in time and decided to postpone until after the biggest date night of the year. With roomies out to dinner and a quiet apartment to myself, I was ready to indulge and I knew just what I wanted. I strolled out of my building and down the street, past couples arm in arm, guys carrying bouquets, and girls in tiny red dresses, until I arrived at the sparkling lights of Shake Shack. To anyone who has yet to experience the fabulousness that is Shake Shack, I highly recommend hopping on the next plane to NYC. The burgers are the perfect size, the crinkle cut fries are hot and crispy, and the thick milkshakes come in delicious flavors. I placed my order of a Shack burger and fries, received a complimentary Valentine's Day strawberry and rose shake from the sweetest cashier, and took the meal back to my apartment to enjoy. Sitting on my couch in that moment, I was truly happy. I was in love and content to be alone on Hallmark's favorite holiday, which is a combination that felt just as sweet as my milkshake. To me, Valentine's Day is about so much more than grand gestures of romance, flowers, and chocolate. It's simply about love, of others and of yourself.

Tomorrow, Jeff and I will celebrate our fifth Valentine's Day as a couple, so we figured, why break from tradition? We'll be dining on burgers and fries, and maybe even a milkshake with two straws. It won't be Shake Shack, but in the land of potatoes, I have a feeling it will be better.

Have a happy Valentine's Day!




  1. I LOVE Shake Shack! I visited NYC last year and discovered this on the night before we went home. I would have eaten there very day of we had discovered it sooner! Yum - sounds like my idea of a perfect solo-date! x

  2. Shake Shack is my boyfriend in times of need as well :) Have a Happy Valentine's Day with your man!

  3. nothing goes together better than love and potatoes.


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