Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Versatile Blogger Award

Yesterday, my sweet friend Jhani of your new favorite blog, A Girl Called Jhani, nominated me for the Versatile Blogger award. Speaking of versatile, Jhani shares on her blog stories of life in New York City, the journey to becoming a teacher, musings about life and family, and exciting adventures with her man.We've been friends since our freshman year of high school, and bloggers since a few years after that, and there isn't anyone I'd rather share this award with. Lots of love and thanks for the nomination, J!

Now, here are seven fun facts about me, in no particular order:
  1. I was named after Zoe Caldwell, a Broadway great born in the 1930's. While doing a research project in the eighth grade, I learned that Miss Caldwell and I share a birthday, news to me and my parents!
  2. I have broken almost all of my toes thanks to one ballet mishap or another. 
  3. I jumped off a 70 foot cliff during a trip to Portugal.
  4. I hated being a redhead until I was about 15, and attempted to dye my hair brown in middle school. It wasn't until I realized that being different is wonderful that I accepted my unique coloring.
  5. I'm 1/4 Greek and a master at making my family's tiropita recipe.
  6. I wasn't given a middle name.
  7. I have visited eight countries and cannot wait to travel more. My goal is to take a big trip at least every other year for as long as I can!
And to pass along the blogger love, I would like to nominate:

It's just one workout - Chicagoan and my study abroad bud, Tatiana, takes us on a wild ride as she works her butt off to get in shape. While most of her posts are about fitness, nutrition, and the battle to a bikini body, Tatiana is hilarious, entertaining, and hopeful, qualities that will carry her no matter what the content of her blog.

tea & crumpets - I went to college with Vanessa, the cutie behind the blog, and have fallen in love with her site. She blogs about food, family, life in beautiful San Francisco, style, and more. She is a great writer and has a lovely aesthetic.

Simply Aunie - Simply Aunie is just one of the four blogs that my co-worker, Annelise, maintains, making her the definition of versatile. She blogs about hair, nails, make-up, and daily doses of Aunieisms.


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