Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Closet Envy

Since moving into the freshman dorms, I have had a complicated relationship with my closet. That first closet consisted of one door and a couple drawers; it looked like a room for dolls, not the only option for my growing wardrobe. After that, it was really hit or miss. Sophomore through senior year, I had sizable closets that I stuffed with my many Forever 21 purchases, Oregon t-shirts, and costumes for dress up parties. When I moved to New York City, I first lived with my dad and step mom, which meant being spoiled by a walk-in fit for a queen. From there, I endured two years with my closet in the hallway. That wasn't always pretty, especially the first year when my entire wardrobe was destined to fit inside something that was intended for the broom. My second hallway closet experience was much more lovely - double doors with built in shelves - so you can imagine my surprise when, in moving to Boise, my clothes were forced back into confinement. While we have plenty of space in general, our closet situation is a little bleak, just one single door space in each of the two bedrooms. I'm used to it by now, and proud of myself for finding resourceful places for my goodies, using lots of hooks and baskets, and learning how to fold a perfectly creaseless sweater. Still, I dream of the day when I don't have to rotate my summer and winter wardrobes, when I can see all of my items without having to reach into the depths for something stashed away, when my clothes can take deep breaths and live a wrinkle-free existence. Until that happy day arrives, I will spend my free time admiring the most enviable of closets.



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  1. HOW is that first picture a closet! I'm flabbergasted. I'm pretty sure my whole apartment would fit in there.

  2. 1, you need to wear those leopard shoes more often. 2, the 3rd closet is amazing. Closet 1 would get you some good exercise though :)

  3. Ugh, I also lust after large, gorgeously organized closets on Pinterest. Le sigh.

  4. wow, I'd love to have that closet! I love your sense of fashion

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