Sunday, December 4, 2011

Deck the Doors

To celebrate life in a house with doors, I couldn't wait to make wreaths for the holidays. I set out to Michael's with no plan other than the hope to be inspired and was greeted with the most festive display of red, green, and sparkle. I wandered the aisles, scooping up sleigh bells, pine cones, and ornaments to adorn my greenery. Having never made a wreath before, I didn't know how much loot I needed, but it's better to be safe than sorry so I brought home quite the collection.

This was a really fun project, one that I recommend to anyone with a creative bone but without a real green thumb. You can't really make a mistake and nothing's permanent. Even better? All of the supplies cost only $30, a steal compared to the less personal wreaths you can find at department and grocery stores. Now our doors are decorated, with sleigh bells giving a little jingle every time they open and close. I would say that the holiday season has officially arrived in our house. Next up - Christmas tree!

2 faux wreaths
2 big bows
1 package of small multi colored ornaments
1 package of small gold sleigh bells
1 package of small gold pine cones
1 branch of gold leaf
1 branch of faux cranberries
1 branch of gold baubles
1 branch of red fabric flowers
2 wooden letters
1 container of gold shimmer spray paint

Wreaths and decorations
A little glitter gold spray paint for our letters
I used green wire to attach the goodies to the wreaths
Wrapped for extra strength
I started with my big red bow
And added pieces as evenly and somewhat strategically as possible
Finished product #1!
Decorating the front door
And a little guy for the back door
Welcome to our home :)


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  1. so cute! You're way too creative! ... I say it like it's a bad thing. Shame on me.


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