Thursday, December 29, 2011

Back in the Saddle

Last night, I returned to Boise from a whirlwind week in Marin filled with eating, laughing, sleeping, sunning, playing, and relaxing. I enjoyed long mornings in my pajamas, lunches and glasses of wine with my closest friends, and festive dinners with family, all under a blanket of sunshine and warm temperatures. Going home as an adult is always a bit odd - you have a home that you've created for yourself, yet you're sleeping in your childhood bedroom, surrounded by a hodgepodge of memories; your time is limited so you pack in all the fun and excitement of family and friends that used to be everyday life; on some level, you look forward to returning "home," to the normal place that you spend your days, with your possibly newer friends and family. In an effort to live in the moment (it's like a baby New Year's resolution trying to creep its way into my mind), I just took it as it came. I was stressed by family overload, so I breathed deep breaths and took moments to myself. I was sad to leave my people, but treasured each moment as a memory to keep with me. When yesterday arrived, I couldn't wait to come back to Boise, to my house, my man, my dog, my job, though, probably for the hundredth time, I wished my mom could be in multiple places at once. But I learned yet again that this is the life - to have so much love and goodness around me that I wish for more time to enjoy it.

California palm tree as seen through my window


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