Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bringing City Back

Weekend mornings in New York were usually defined by sleeping in, throwing on something comfy, and walking to the nearest establishment to get in line for coffee and breakfast with the rest of the drowsy 20-somethings in the city. If this sort of culture exists in Boise, I have yet to see it. So in the city spirit last weekend, Jeff and I bundled up, got the pup on his leash, and strolled through the North End in pursuit of hot espresso. The walk was about a mile and a half each way, along tree lined streets, passing just a few neighborhood folks grabbing their newspapers or raking leaves. It couldn't have felt more different than walking the same distance in New York, from 54th and 8th to the American Museum of Natural History, with taxis whizzing by and sidewalks filled with strollers and noise. Yet, with lattes in hand and the sun shining, I was transported to a better version of the Big Apple, especially because despite the change in location, we were still in our Saturday morning routine.

(photos by Jeff)


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