Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Birthday Blog

It's been a little over three years since I started this blog, and it's almost unbelievable to me how much life has changed since then. In October 2008, I was still technically in college, living in Portland, dreaming of moving to New York to find a job in PR, and missing someone like crazy. In November 2011, I chose a career in development after covering the map with internships, I live in Boise, I had an incredible and surreal three years in New York, and I get to see that special someone every day. It has been hilarious, maddening, emotional, fantastic, and if given the opportunity, I doubt I'd change a thing. With life changes come blog changes, but I still love visiting it every day and hope that with time, it will continue to grow and evolve just like I have. And three years after starting this blog, I'm finally ready to make a web-based commitment. I recently purchased the URL fromatozoe.com so that my blog can become a real, live site. Who knows where it, or I, will be in another three years, but I hope to still be blogging about what I love with all of you. Happy birthday, From A to Zoë!

When the going gets tough, to always laugh, and always play, and remember how fantastic life can be.
(From the first blog post: October 5, 2008)


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