Monday, October 31, 2011

Oh, What a Weekend!

We're halfway done with the challenge! The past week proved testing for both Jeff and me as we both traveled to Portland, where we were not only faced with lots of delicious options, we were also staying with friends and wanting desperately to avoid being inconveniences. We decided to give each other a free pass for a few days to save ourselves the worry of having others try to accommodate us, but as it turned out, we both fared pretty well. Jeff stuck to his guns for the most part, and I did my best in the food department, but had a few beers while out with the girls, who stocked up on lots of goodies that I could eat. My friends are a mixed bag when it comes to diet - a vegan, vegetarian, no red meat eater - so the addition of a gluten-free girl didn't shake things up too much. My favorite meal from the weekend was Saturday's lunch of Café Yumm. All my fellow Ducks know (and hopefully love) this organic eatery that was started in our college town, and to readers who have yet to experience it, you should get to Oregon stat. The Yumm Bowls are legendary, and I couldn't wait to get my hands on one. A delicious mix of brown rice, black beans, cheddar, diced tomato, avocado, black olives, cilantro, topped with the heavenly Yumm Sauce. This stuff is garlicky and lemony, a creamy spread made from garbanzos and soybeans and spices. Best of all, it's free of wheat, dairy, gluten, eggs, and sugar, so it obliges many a special diet. I can't wait to attempt some of my own.

My fabulous Yumm Bowl
The whole weekend was spectacular, and reminded me how good it feels to be around some of the people who know me best. We celebrated Halloween in style, dressed as the Spice Girls with the highlight of the night being when we sang "Wannabe" for crowds at a karaoke bar. Let's just say we brought the house down. Now onto a new week, new dinner menus, and the twice annual closet switch. Temperatures are dropping and this little former New Yorker plans to be very prepared.

Happy Halloween from Ginger!


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