Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Make It Rain


Maybe it's because I'm from a place where rain signifies the changing season and the permission to head indoors and nest by the fire. Maybe it's because I went to college where I would spend the majority of my four years under an umbrella. Maybe it's because I bought and subsequently couldn't wait to wear a pair of heavy duty, not inexpensive rain boots last winter. But for whatever reason, I just love the rain. Let me rephrase - I love the rain when I'm bundled on my couch or in bed and can hear it dancing on my windows, and I love the rain when I'm adequately prepared with all my gear and can stomp through the puddles. Today, it's raining in Boise, the sky is dark and ominous, and the whole city is drenched in the smell of fresh water and fall. Today, I left the house in my beloved rain boots and hooded trench, umbrella in hand, ready to take on the wet day with purpose. Tonight, I can't wait to slop through the puddles to the car, hurry home to sweatpants and a hot meal, and spend the evening listening to the rain.


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