Sunday, October 16, 2011

Going Gluten Free

After writing this post, I got to thinking more seriously about adopting a gluten free diet. I read my new cookbook cover to cover and learned that a lot of my favorite foods are gluten free anyway, and that my diet wouldn't change too drastically. In fact, the things I love the most - fresh fruits, hearty veggies, meat, and dairy - would rule the roost in terms of my daily intake. Aside from baked goodies, which I clearly enjoy, and a slice of bread at lunchtime, not much would change. The one caveat is that I'll want to bake, and gluten free baking requires a lot of new ingredients, not to mention that gluten free cookies and other desserts are not necessarily better for you because in the absence of wheat, more sugar and fat can be added. Going gluten free is by no means intended to be a weight loss regimen. For those with celiac disease, it is a must do and lots of sacrifices have to be made. However, with time and dedication, many people end up cooking at home more, eating more fresh fruit and vegetables and less processed food, and feel lighter on their feet and more energetic.

What's the point of this post? To let you know that Jeff and I will be embarking on a 30-day voyage, sans gluten. We're eating all of the perishable glutenous products in the house this weekend, and packing up the rest, and will go one month living the gluten free life. I'm excited - it will force me out of my same old cooking routines and have me trying new things. I always try to make delicious meals, but this trial will have me cooking foods from around the globe, buying ingredients I've never tried, and seeing how it makes us feel along the way. There is no guarantee that we'll keep it up after 30 days, but it will be an interesting experiment nonetheless. Maybe we'll love it and go gluten free forever! Maybe we'll miss our favorite gluten-full foods a little too much. Regardless, it should be a learning experience, and hopefully a fun one. I'll document successes and failures in the kitchen, as well as the reactions we have as our bodies start to adapt to the changes.Wish us luck and stay tuned!

First Day:
Monday, October 17

Last Day:
Tuesday, November 15


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