Monday, October 3, 2011

Decorating, 9 to 5

If you've ever been to New York City, you know that while it's a very big city, many things in it are small. Small apartments, small aisles in grocery stores, small amounts of personal space on public transportation. So when I started my new job and was shown to my work area, I was over the moon to see that I had a whole office to myself. Four walls, bookshelves, an L-shaped desk, all ready for me to put my little stamp on. After all, being surrounded by pretty odds and ends encourages creativity and productivity, right? To kick things off this weekend, I made a covered bulletin board and marble pushpins.

What you'll need:
Framed bulletin board (I used an 17" x 23")
Fabric (approximately 1.5 yards)
Staple gun
Flat pushpins
Clear marbles with a flat side (see Marble Magnet post for more info)
Magazines for pictures
Jewel glue

Lay fabric over board and cut off excess
Straighten the fabric along the edge of the board (easy if you're using a pattern)
Fold the corner down like you're wrapping a present
In the absence of a staple gun, I hammered in push pins for a temporary fix.
I will go back and staple the fabric.
I made the marbles just like in the marble magnet post...
...only instead of magnets, I glued on flat push pins!
Ready for the office!


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  1. yayyy so glad my card helped this beautiful board get off to a good start!


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