Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pillow Talk

I wish this could be an instructional DIY post, but unfortunately, the beautiful creations you're about to see are not replicable by me in any simple way. As a housewarming gift, Jeff's mom JoJo offered to teach me how to make throw pillows for our living room. I was excited because great decorative pillows are expensive and you can't necessarily find exactly what you want. JoJo is also a masterful seamstress who has created some really special things, so I couldn't wait to have more of her work in our place. While I can't recall exact measurements, we used 20"x20" pillow forms, 3 yards of fabric, and an envelope style. There are plenty of patterns for this kind of pillow, but being the professional that she is, JoJo didn't need one! I remain in awe. If you have time for a project, would definitely recommend making your own pillows over buying some at the store. It's a creative, inexpensive way to add a little decor to your favorite space.

The materials - pillow form, fabric for pillowcase and piping
The finished products! Love.


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