Monday, September 12, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Since arriving in Boise two months ago, I've been working away to make our house feel like a home. After leaving my mom's house for college in 2004, I've moved at least once annually, and one year, I moved three times! All this is to say that it was important to me that Jeff and I could lay down roots in this house and feel like it belongs to us and speaks our language, regardless of how long we end up staying here. Challenge number two presented itself in the form of a male roommate. I've decorated my bedrooms with floral prints, frilly duvet covers, and ballet posters, never worrying about being too girly. Now, we needed to make our place feel like a couple lives here. Finally, all this had to happen on a budget. Jeff and I were very lucky to get lots of hand-me-downs from his local family as well as collected trinkets from my many moves. Eventually, with more money and time, we'll add things here and there, but for now we have a cozy, comfortable home that we love.

My favorite room in the house, naturally

Bear's lair
My most prized possession needs its own wall


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