Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Currently Crushing

I spend a lot of my free time daydreaming about home decor. I'm anything but an expert and have covered the map in terms of my personal aesthetic, but lately, I've realized that while I like cleanliness and order, I also crave a more eclectic approach. Before Jeff and I started moving into this place, I would lay in my bed in New York and dream about a green, gold, and black living room, a bedroom of various blue tones, an all white kitchen. I certainly could have achieved these visions, but my personality and history would be missing. If you ever visit my mom's house, you will see walls covered with photographs and paintings, hundreds of books lining the walls, sculpture and china and linens that clearly have stories to tell. In their twenties, my parents traveled throughout Europe, collecting keepsakes along the way. When they started to build their own home, they retrieved beloved furniture for their parents' houses - my childhood twin bed is the same one my mother slept in. I only have to look as far as the house that I grew up in to see why I love the room I sit in today. In order to join pitchers from Spain with wall art from Japan, you must have a creative approach, an interest in layering styles, and a heaping spoonful of whimsy. As we get settled further, I'm most excited about going back to California to retrieve more of my own treasures as well as visiting Boise's best consignment, thrift, and antique stores to dig up pieces with their own history. A few looks I'm loving right now...

1. Antique birdcage - I first thought that these would be great for candles, but upon further snooping, I saw that people use them with clothespins to showcase photographs and cards or to fill with flowers.
2. Colored glass - I have a love affair with sea glass and have always like the look of colored glass vases serving as olive oil or soap vessels, as well as for flowers.
3. Vintage clock - I have an old clock in my childhood bedroom that looks like it was transported straight from the 1920's. Why tell time with anything else?
4 & 5. Throw pillows - I'm a big fan of pattern and color and love the idea of layering various pillows for an international splash.


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  1. Do you remember our vintage blue glass collection? Can't wait to take it out of storage. Didn't know that was your mom's bed - that's wonderful. Nick's roommate is using my childhood writing desk now...


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