Sunday, August 21, 2011

Marble Magnets

I first learned of marble magnets from my dear friend, Jhani, who found the project on Not Martha and created her own as a gift. I was immediately obsessed - here is an cute and easy way to personalize your fridge art or give a handmade present to a friend. All you need are clear marbles with a flat side, round magnets, jewel glue, and pictures from your favorite magazines. Of course, the first time that I attempted the project, I didn't get it quite right. I bought 3/4" marbles and magnets, which worked together well, but their size made finding pictures difficult and the slightly iridescent shear of the marble made it hard to see the little image. I wasn't willing to give up, so back to Michael's I went! This time, I purchased the largest marbles available (bigger than a quarter), and the smallest magnets. This wasn't the ideal partnership because the magnet was a little too small to hold up the heavier marble, but next time around I can use two little magnets on each marble, as my brilliant boyfriend recommended. I paged through magazines like Real Simple and Glamour and used the marble to trace the pictures I liked. After I had all the pictures cut out, I glued the picture to the marble, let it dry, and then glued the magnet to the picture.

All the supplies
Round One - food and wine pictures
On the fridge!
Picture glued to marble
From the front
Magnets glued to picture
The bigger marbles make such a difference - you can really see the images, and the beautiful flowers that I used looked ethereal under the glass. This project is a great one to have in your back pocket, and I can't wait to make more whimsical and adorable gifts. My mom suggested that you could even lose the magnet, and show off a dish of the marbles as decor. I have a feeling that our house will be filled in no time...



  1. This is an awesome project! And a good use for those old mancala stones... is that what those are?

    I would love some of these for my fridge! Ethereal indeed.

  2. They are just like mancala stones, only about twice as big. I will make you some for your birthday!


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