Friday, August 12, 2011

Initial Here

Before moving to Boise, I had lots of daydreams about monograms. I love lettered memorabilia, from bookends to coasters to pillows, and I couldn't wait to have lots of J's and Z's all over the place. To start small, and save Jeff from a decoration overload, I planned to pick up an Anthropologie fabric letter for him to hang on the wall with my beloved Z. Unfortunately, our local Anthro doesn't carry uppercase letters, and what they did have was either too expensive or too girly. I wasn't sure of Plan B until I was at Michael's buying necessities for marble magnets (post soon!) and saw wooden letters. Of course, I fell in love, and had to stop myself from buying the whole alphabet. I swooped up our initials and, at the advice of the salesgirl, some acrylic paint. I'm not much of a painter but I figured that at the worst, they'd look kitchy, which is just fine with me.

All the materials - I went with lavender, lime green, and turquoise paint
and brushes of various sizes for design. Make sure to put down brown paper to
avoid dirtying the table!
Lavender Z
Lime green J
Squiggly lines and polka dots, why not?
Swirls and polka dots, yes please!

Welcome to Chateau JZ!
I must say that this project was a lot easier and more fun than I expected. I didn't have any brushes with annoyance and it was therapeutic to slow down a little and get creative. Who knew watching paint dry could be such a great way to spend the afternoon?


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  1. Ok, I'm dying at the sneak peak of the house. Can't wait to see morhenule!


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