Sunday, July 31, 2011

Market Fresh

I have great memories of visiting my town's farmer's market with my mom, so when I learned of Boise's Saturday Market, I couldn't wait to pay a visit. The market draws vendors from all over Idaho and Eastern Oregon and offers up the freshest in fruits, veggies, meats, and treats. I had blackberry cobbler on my mind when we headed out and hoped to fill my canvas tote with other goodies along the way. It was a scorching day and the streets were filled with shoppers so we went through the express lane to scope out our options. Alas, the farm stands were out of blackberries by the time we arrived, so I picked up the last of the gorgeous, ripe raspberries instead. We also grabbed a loaf of Pane di Como from Zeppole, an artisan and organic bakery, and some tart and refreshing mint limeade. I'm excited to go back, hopefully on a cooler morning, to peruse the rest of the stands and bring home some of the beautiful produce.

Maze of Market
Produce stands
His and hers limeade
Colorful fruits
Rustic lunchtime


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