Sunday, February 6, 2011

Winter Wants

When the temperature drops and the city goes into a slumber, the first thing I crave is hearty, warm, comfort food. The highest weight gain takes place during the winter months - combine holiday dining with being cooped up and we're bound to indulge. It's been my latest goal to find delicious and satisfying winter recipes, without sacrificing my waistline. Tonight's try: Martha Stewart's Turkey and White Bean Chili.

The chili was easy to make - simply combine cooked ground turkey meat with chopped onion and jalapeños, cumin, white beans, and chicken broth, and simmer away. I used lean turkey, no sodium beans, and reduced sodium broth, and added a cup of corn. The onion brings out so much flavor, but next time I will throw in some minced garlic, too. I'm all about accoutrements to round out my bowl, so I topped the chili with shredded extra sharp cheddar cheese, nonfat plain yogurt (both organic), and a squeeze of lime. For a little crunch, I tossed a few multigrain tortilla chips into the mix.

This meal was fantastic, simple, and hit the spot. The only absence was a green vegetable (an absolute staple in my upbringing), so one could certainly include some chopped spinach or kale for a healthier bite. Happy nesting!


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