Sunday, January 23, 2011

With Sugar On Top

Never one to shy from dessert, I have spent my fair share of time in the bakeries of New York. In this city, cupcakes flow like cappuccinos, cookies are the size of your head, and you never have to go far to find a great piece of pie. If someone tells me they've had the best something, it is my personal challenge to see for myself. The inner child in me, with an extra, endless stomach for sweets, is always thrilled to happen upon the next best thing, and even happier to pass the news on to another delighter in dessert.

Best brownie: Fat Witch Bakery, in Chelsea Market. Extra bite? Fat Witch sells their brownie mix by the box.

Best cookie: Levain Bakery, at 74th and Amsterdam (also in Harlem and the Hamptons). Yummy tidbit? The cookies freeze well for a later on treat.

Best cupcake: Tribeca Treats, Reade between Church and West Broadway. Mix it up? A combination of classics like red velvet and creative choices like PB&J, key lime, or cinnamon.

Best spread: Martha's Country Bakery, Ditmars Boulevard, Astoria (also in Bayside and Forest Hills).


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  1. yay Martha's! And that photo barely even does it justice.


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