Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's Wish Making Time

In my life, there are many firsts in a year. January 1st, the day a new school year begins, my birthday. Each of these dates marks a new beginning, an occasion for resolutions and goals to be set. On each of these days, I marvel at the year behind me, in disbelief at how quickly it sped by and in understanding of what an impact it had. I love endings; knowing that i put my mind to something, survived, prevailed, had another year full of fun and life. But beginnings are for the imaginative. The unknown, the prospect and promise of a new year, those are the feelings that ready and excite me. On this fine day, when I think of all my life has been, of how many starts I have had, and of the unknown that my family faced many September 14th's ago, I'm excited. For who knows what a new year will offer? I say, bring it on.


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