Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's Wish Making Time

In my life, there are many firsts in a year. January 1st, the day a new school year begins, my birthday. Each of these dates marks a new beginning, an occasion for resolutions and goals to be set. On each of these days, I marvel at the year behind me, in disbelief at how quickly it sped by and in understanding of what an impact it had. I love endings; knowing that i put my mind to something, survived, prevailed, had another year full of fun and life. But beginnings are for the imaginative. The unknown, the prospect and promise of a new year, those are the feelings that ready and excite me. On this fine day, when I think of all my life has been, of how many starts I have had, and of the unknown that my family faced many September 14th's ago, I'm excited. For who knows what a new year will offer? I say, bring it on.


Sunday, September 5, 2010


Growing up as a redhead was far from easy. In the land of plentiful blondes and brunettes, I stuck out like a sore thumb. From being called names to being a magnet for unwanted attention from teachers, it was an exhausting life, and not one for which I had much appreciation. To combat this, my mom searched high and low for examples of redheads depicted in a positive light, as many of the stories we read in school and the programs we saw on television showed redheads as everything from class clowns and bullies to ogres and monsters. Books about mermaids, fairies, and angels filled my shelves, and paintings and postcards were tacked to my walls.

As I grew older, and grew into my wild mane of red, I began to develop a deep appreciation for my hair. As much as adolescents yearn to fit in, we all want to possess something that will set us apart. I was born with my unique quality, and wear it everyday. Being a redhead gave me the personality I have today - of resilience, confidence, a little sarcasm and humility. For better, I know what it's like to feel different, even in my tiny bubble of white American living.

Today is Redhead Day, or Roodharigendag in the Netherlands, when all those redhaired gather on the first weekend of September to revel in their color, to be proud and powerful carrot tops. In other words, Love a Ginger Day.

Gotta get me some of these...
Photo credit:  http://mumbrella.com.au/