Sunday, January 3, 2010

Resolutions of 2010

Value the reaches of communication

While in my hometown for the holidays, I was reminded just how blessed I am to have such incredible friends and family. Their proximity to me changes often, sometimes by over 3,000 miles of separation, but the bonds remain strong. I have always prided myself for being a part of relationships in which many months and many miles can stand between us, yet nothing changes. However, I realized that because of how much I love and appreciate these people, I should be in touch with them more, not less. I need to spend more energy connecting with my loved ones, especially those who live far away and with whom I don't spend much time. I am lucky, which is not something to be taken for granted.

2. Rejuvenate my New York love story

Three months after moving to the Big Apple, I had a stiff neck from days spent walking around with my head cranked upwards so as to see all of the beautiful buildings, skylines, and sights. As a summer intern in the fashion industry, everything about New York was romantic. Now, this is my home. Sometimes it's too cold, sometimes it's too hot, sometimes it's too crowded, sometimes I want to be anywhere but here, and lately I've realized that my complaints about New York have outshone my praises. I would like to give the time to reap the benefits of a life in this city, to enjoy the things that are quintessentially NYC, the things that brought me here again and again. In short, to have another stiff neck.

3. Find a hobby, or three

I've been singing this same song for months, yet no hobbies exist in my day to day. I even blog less than a year ago, which makes sense due to the changes that have taken place, but also makes me sad; it is my outlet when I need to close the door and open my mind. I would like to find something that I like to do, just for me, just when the time is right. Be it finally learning to play chess, finally finding that special cafe for short story writing, or finally trying out the growing collection of my mom's best recipes, the jig is up. So when I'm not catching up with my friends or discovering New York, I hope to be hobbying.

4. Take care

As aforementioned, I have some seriously special people in my life. An interesting part about growing up has been to see how old relationships evolve, how new relationships form, and how to balance it all. I am elated to have such a connection with the amazing people in my life, those who make me giggle, make me think, and make me feel intelligent and special in my own way. For these people, I resolve to give myself. I want to be surrounded by those who make me a better person, who make me laugh out loud, and who make me strive to create. For what is life without the people in it? To all of these most favorites of mine, 2010 and I love you.