Friday, July 24, 2009

When it Rains, it Pours

Bad things come in threes. Good things come to those who wait. And sometimes, everything comes at once. This month has been a perfect example. After an extensive search, I was graced with a wonderful new job in a field that I am so eager to learn all about, to get my feet wet, my hands dirty, and my brain going. As a direct result of said job, I got to move. From the heights of New York City's most famous avenue to the sights and sounds of its most famous neighborhood, I signed my name on my first post-college lease and took another enormous transitional step. Occasions for which I have been waiting and preparing arrived, and my former state of limbo has been replaced with a sudden calm. I picture a lake on a still, summer day. Even if a pebble is thrown into the water, the calm is not disturbed, it simply morphs into tiny, rippling waves. For me, those waves have been the trials of moving, a new bed and commute, the understanding that my adult life is actually settling down for the first time. All wonderful changes, but not without the moments of total shock.
I often write blog posts for the altering experiences that take place. My moves across the country, my discovery of the need to pursue my dreams over just any job, my many realizations of the impact of love. This is yet another. Almost exactly a year after college ending and my future in New York beginning, a million things have happened. Now, I have somewhere to hang my hat and put up my feet, and a place to go everyday that fills me with a great feeling of accomplishment, enthusiasm, and pleasure. In this case, bring on the rain.