Tuesday, March 31, 2009

5 Simple Rules for Welcoming the Sun

It's been many months since our limbs were bared to the sun (with the exception of you Spring Break goers). After hiding my bod under pants, sweaters and hats, I know that I've got some work to do! Here are my top 5 prep moves to get ready for sandals, skirts, and mini dresses.

1. Exfoliate 2-3 times/week. I go with the rule "exfoliate when you shampoo." For this naturally curly mop, that means every other day. Exfoliating before shaving will make your skin silky smooth and better prepared to soak up the sun when you show off those stems.
2. Drink your 8 glasses. While this is a 365 day rule, it becomes even more important as temperatures rise. Your hair will be shinier, your face more clear, and you won't have to ditch the park tanning sesh because you're suffering from dehydration!
3. Start the tinted moisturizer. Some wear this year-round but I wait until it would be realistic for me to have a sun kissed glow. My favorite lotion is Jergens Natural Glow, available at most drug or grocery stores. And make sure to shave before you apply!
4. Prep those toes. No need to hit the nail salon, an at home pedicure is cheap and easy, once you pick your polish. While many are going for the neon tones this season, I am partial to the pastels - buttercup yellow, lavender and pale pink. In just minutes, you'll feel ready to hit the spring shoe sales and pick up a new pair of strappy sandals.
5. Lather on the SPF. The sun has been hiding behind snow and sleet but soon it will be back with a vengeance. No matter how tan you can get or how little you want to smell like sunscreen, it's a small price to pay for another decade of taught, beautiful skin. Your body is your temple, so protect it!

Next step - pulling the spring and summer wardrobes out from under the bed or the back of the closet. After this long winter, seeing those clothes again will make them seem brand new! So summon the recessionista inside you, think before you shop and check out InStyle's spring trends for inspiration.



  1. Looking forward to no more snow and wool coats!

  2. I always try exfoliate when I shampoo too! It does the body good. Gets me ready to play my game.

  3. you're so cute! you'd think you had your own little column in seventeen magazine :) loves.


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