Thursday, January 8, 2009

From A to Z

Anthropologie is amazing on unparalleled levels. If I could have an entire home outfitted with bedding, kitchenware, nik naks, not to mention a closet or three filled with beyond beautiful clothing, the stylish side of life would be complete. One of my favorite items in store are the alphabet mugs. From dainty tea cups to industrial sized mugs, letters A through Z are available. This 20 ounces a morning girl picks the larger size, painted with a "Z" of course. While playing around on Google today, I found a picture that encompasses this site perfectly. So much so that I should use it as the icon, but because I have a purple flower addiction, I will post it here for all to admire. And with mugs retailing at $6, everyone can go out and find their personal piece.


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